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As a 21-year veteran of the Healthcare and Nonprofit Information Technology business, Joshua is well positioned to be a valuable asset to any modern-day project.

Having cut his teeth in the healthcare industry where there is little margin for error, he has a finely honed sense of urgency, and discipline, that is consistently applied to even the most minute details in any endeavor.

Joshua has always had a passion for systems, and organizations of any kind. Be it a computer network, a corporation, an economy, or a capital market, the intricacies of the interactions within systems are captivating. This fascination has prompted a life-long study of all the little pictures that make up the big one; and the realization that you have to treat them all with care.

He is a devoted cyclist, tennis player, distance runner, guitar player and singer (though rarely for an unfriendly audience.) In addition to his desire to seek out new organizations to learn, he has a voracious appetite for knowledge. A self-described book, magazine, and newspaper junkie; he is also an avid investor in debt and equities.

Always interested in a new idea, and even more so, the due-diligence required to determine its worth and sustainability.


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